About Us


VinTech Engineering, having existed for more than a decade since its establishment in March 2003, has enjoyed excellent working relationships with all its clients and has been constantly developing, growing and updating in order to acquire and maintain total reliance from its clients.

The founder, Mr. Vincent Gan, has had more than twenty years of hands-on experience in managing projects in the plastic industry. He provides the complete solution to contract manufacturing, as he used to be involved in the entire process, from tool designing to the building and moulding, hence giving clients more accurate designs and 360° design overviews, convenience, the advantage of products made end-to-end as well as allowing them to customise components. He specialises in tool making, which includes plastic injection moulding and assembly. Due to his experience in plastic industrial, he was engaged as a consultant to oversee numerous overseas and domestic projects, which includes handling their project from quotation, supplier qualification, tool design, tool making, mould trial, quality system, production, assembly, delivery etc. As a result, he started a consultant company which later evolved into VinTech Engineering. In addition, Mr. Vincent Gan has also overseen projects such as US’s venture into Singapore, as well as joint ventures – foreign companies wanting to set up a company in Singapore.

Since its establishment, VinTech has also ventured into other products other than those in the plastic industry, such as the expansion for logistics and warehousing in Singapore, and food products internationally. The company has a large variety of products, varying from food supplies to raw materials, making it one of the leading trading companies. VinTech Engineering also provides supply chain management to its clients in the United States as well as the European Communities for competitive products in Asia, in order to support the need for a diverse international market that clients require.

Engaging VinTech for Project Management has allowed clients to enjoy professional services of procurement, consultation with in-house specialists, before and after sales support, engineering and logistics support, cheaper products without compromising quality, travel time and expenditure savings as well as the removal of language barriers. International companies also enjoy other perks from working with VinTech, for instance, the absence of corruption, lowest corporate tax rates in Asia at 17% and tax exemptions for new start-up companies in Singapore.

Clients can also be assured of quality products and services as VinTech’s strategic global suppliers are capable of fulfilling world class performance such as, cost competitiveness and ongoing cost reduction, quality standards (zero defect deliveries/ prevention orientated quality management), technical support for design and production phrases, flexibility in production and logistical issues, professional order handling and good business relationship with VinTech.