After years of working with customers & suppliers, VinTech was awarded the distribution ship to market the following products.

VinTech offers both virgin and recycled resins for clients to choose from to fit their needs. Resins are valued for their chemical properties and associated uses, such as the production of varnishes, adhesives and food glazing agents and are also prized as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis. PC+ABS’s properties are best suited for thin wall moulding while ABS, which possesses superior impact strength, excellent surface quality and is chemical resistant, is best used for manufacturing products.
In addition, VinTech also offers plastic film and sheet products with its Japan partner, SUNLOID ECO SHEET PC Insulation Film  and SUNLOID BARRIER. SUNLOID ECO SHEET PC Insulation Film is a flame retardant polycarbonate film for insulation made of non-halogen special flame retardant (silicone series) which is friendly to the environment. SUNLOID BARRIER is an original flame retardant film for insulation developed with modified PPE which is also made of non-halogen flame retardant, allowing it to be environmental friendly and to insulate electric equipment for home use.

Tissue Paper

VinTech’s tissue products can provide your family with the softness you need, and are non-scented, hence catering to those who are allergic as well. The tissues are soft and gentle but absorbent, as they are made with relatively little refining of the stock. These light-weight tissues are smooth and thick, suitable for any occasion and your everyday needs.

Tissue box
Wet Tissue

VinTech’s solution to dirt and germs is soft and strong pre-moistened wipes to provide an instant clean-up, which is in a size pack, making it is portable and convenient to stay clean and germ-free. It is highly absorbent and promises absolute cleanliness when contaminants are removed from the skin. It serves best for cleaning up sticky messes, dirt and germs when soap and water are not accessible.

Tissue box